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Let's recognize those game changers in STEAM that inspire others

Meet the incredible winners of this edition!


Let's build a more equitable and diverse industry

As the discipline with the highest demand for future jobs, we face a new opportunity to create a more inclusive, diverse, and collaborative STEAM field.

Women that Build Awards provide visibility, education, and networking spaces to inspire women-identifying individuals to keep excelling, showing that when technology meets passion, the unthinkable happens.

Awards categories

Inspiring Leader Icon

Inspiring Leader

VPs, managers, directors, leaders, founders, or Subject Matter Experts with 5+ (five) years of experience that have been generating a positive impact in the STEAM field.

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Rising Star

Powerful and talented women who are starting a career in technology or an entrepreneur, founder/co-founder of a startup with a business offering related to STEAM.

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Prizes for global winners

  • A trip to a celebratory networking event
  • Showcase on the iconic NYSE's Billboard in Times Square in 2024

Prizes for all winners

  • Scholarships from Udemy and CoachHub
  • Trophies for recognition


The Women that Build Awards 2023, one step at a time.

  • APRIL, MAY & JUNE Nominations & Voting
  • AUGUST & SEPTEMBER Local Events
  • SEPTEMBER Global Deliberations
  • DECEMBER Global Gala

Judging Panel

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A community by women, for women

We want to inspire and empower women by transforming ideas into actions. That's why we generated a networking space to keep track of our community initiatives while encouraging members to share their stories. Join Women that Build Community and be part of the action.

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Globant commitment

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are essential to our culture. We have taken several steps toward gender parity and keep this goal as a north star: reach 50% of our management positions filled with women and gender-diverse candidates.

Do you want to be part of this mission?

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Four years of breaking the bias

The fourth edition of the Women that Build Awards aims to continue the path started in 2020. Our goal is to address the prevalent issues faced by women and recognize the ones that challenge the established norms and pave the way for a more equitable and diverse future.


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