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Verónica Giménez

Verónica Giménez

Chief Capacity Officer, Globant

With 15 years of unwavering dedication to Globant, Verónica Giménez has developed her professional career occupying various roles related to talent management. Entering the Company when there were only 800 Globers (collaborators) based mainly in Argentina, Veronica witnessed and directly contributed to the growth and expansion of Globant as a fundamental member of the team, that supported the consolidation of the Staffing and Recruitment area in Argentina, Colombia, México and Uruguay, and then throughout the world.

Now, as Chief Capacity Officer, Veronica develops and positions the human capital, Globant´s main competitive advantage, so that the company can keep growing on a global scale.

Thanks to her capacity for permanent reinvention, during these years at Globant, Veronica achieved significant milestones that are still part of the company today:the creation of the Talent Manifesto, the development of the Augmented Recruiting Tool, among others.