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Globant Awards
Women that Build Edition

We’ve built a strong community
of women in IT who inspire,
lead and help create change.


About the award

Globant Awards - Women that Build Edition is an award that seeks to recognize women who have made their careers in technology, who manage innovation and collaboration, and promote diversity and inclusion. This first edition will be focused on global leaders.

We’ve built a strong community of women in IT.

Award categories

Tech Executive

We will recognize a woman with a STEM degree or similar professional background with a leadership position (a C-level executive, VP, Director, or managerial role) who is an inspiration to both women and the industry at large.


We will recognize a leading professional, without formal training in STEM, who holds a leadership position (a C-level executive, VP, Director, or managerial role) who has made a direct impact in the IT industry.


We will recognize a woman under the age of 26, or with less than 10 years of experience in IT, who demonstrates innovation through the use of technology and has high potential as a role model for her peers.

And the winners are...!

Get to know the outstanding women that are rocking the IT industry.



We want to change the reality of the IT industry to generate greater gender inclusion for women and other minorities.
Women That Build community is a space to support initiatives from members all around the world, find opportunities, and connect with all the women who are leading the change the world needs. Join the conversation and be part of something bigger.



Why this award?

We want to challenge the status quo to advance gender equality in the technology industry. At each stage of our “Women That Build” Journey, we have implemented a variety of programs and initiatives, and today we proudly launch this unique international recognition that bridges women from different parts of the world.

Read more about our Be Kind Initiatives.

Judging Panel

Our panel of judges is made up of specialists from the academic and business worlds, opinion leaders, and NGOs specializing in the empowerment and training of women.


Media Partners


Why “Women That Build”?

Women That Build is our corporate program created to promote the inclusion and professional growth of women in the IT industry. As part of our Be Kind and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, it is a space where we encourage the participation of women in the technology industry, boosting the diversity and balance of talent, both within our organization and outside, in the communities we are part of.

What are the participating countries?

Women from the following countries/regions who work or have training in technology are participating: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, the United States, India, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Europe.

Where can I check the terms and conditions of the awards?

You can check Terms and Conditions here

What's the differente between the national events and the Global Gala?

The national events will announce the winners of each country/region, along with dissertations from local speakers. The Global Gala will be the core event, where the global winners will be awarded and will also count with the presence of keynote speakers and many surprises.

If I have more questions, what can I do?

You can write to us at




It's time to connect, collaborate, and be inspired by the Women That Build Community.