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Guibert Englebienne

Guibert Englebienne

Co-Founder & President, Globant X

Entrepreneurship is in Guibert’s DNA. He has been programming since he was 12 years old, creating everything from video games to home tech solutions. Prior to co-founding Globant, he had already started six different companies, bringing with him the experience of learnings and failures therein.

Globant was born through Guibert and his co-founders’ vision that technology development can be done anywhere in the world, a vision that has propelled them to incorporate diverse talent to create innovative solutions for the world’s top brands. On 18 July 2014, the team walked up to the New York Stock Exchange, dressed in Globant green for the company’s IPO. Guibert remarked, “When a team believes everything is possible, nothing is impossible.”

His role at Globant has grown with the company as it has entered new markets, realms of expertise and business models. Formerly CTO, he became President of Globant X and Globant Ventures to help drive success with these initiatives, including Augmented Coding and Future of Organizations, among others. Guibert also is President for Latam, a role to provide strategic advice and propel Globant´s regional leadership.