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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate?

Women from all over the world are eligible to participate. There are 11 official countries recognized as part of the awards and each woman will decide which one they want to represent. Check the Terms and Conditions to get more information about this.

Why "Women that Build"?

The Women that Build Awards are part of Globant Awards corporate program created to promote the inclusion and professional growth of women and women-identifying individuals in the technology industry. A place where we encourage their participation by boosting diversity and balancing talent, both within our organization and the whole community.

Is there a cost to apply for the award?

No, there is no cost associated with participating in these awards.

How can I participate?

You can nominate a candidate you consider best fits the profile required for each category or vote for an existing candidate. Also, you can nominate yourself as a candidate by creating your own profile.

If I have more questions, what can I do?

You can contact us at