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Elena M. Ordóñez del Campo leaf
Inspiring Executive

Elena M.
Ordóñez del Campo

T-Systems International / Deutsche Telekom
Being an engineer in Computer Science and having been working in global IT companies for the last 33 years, I truly believe in the innovation potential of leveraging new technologies.

In my current responsibility I lead a team of around 4.000 professionals worldwide that offer SAP Services to our customers. Digital Innovation and Transformation are two of our strategic portfolio areas.

In 2003, I was recognized as one of the most influencing women in Human Capital Management worldwide.
In 2015, I was a candidate to the “Top 100” most influencing women in Spain.
In 2017, I was recognized as one of the four most influencing students in the 40-years history of my university and funded with seven brilliant ladies “Next-Exit-Future”, a company intended to support women willing to fund their own start-up.
Recently, I was nominated as of one the top 3 finalists for the “Digital Female Leader Award” in the category “career” (decision in Nov.2021).

I am a truly supporter of diversity and consider my two nationalities (Spanish and German) to be a life motto.

Also, I encourage women and girls interested in the STEM world to “be different”. Sharing my personal experience, I try to motivate young girls, women, and their families to dare new ways.

I am a passionate woman who believes everybody can make a difference. It is our responsibility to challenge the status quo so that “women in tech”, hopefully soon, become the “new normal”.

Who am I? #WomanInTech, #CitizenOfTheWorld

I worked for almost 25 years at SAP in different executive positions reporting to the Board and currently lead a team of 4.000 SAP experts worldwide being part of the Executive Committee of T-Systems.
I have combined my professional career with busy family life being the proudest “single mum” of a young man.
I inspire young women to consider a STEM career with the “story of my life”. You can be a female leader in a foreign country, a successful professional in the IT sector and a proud mum.
I was a founder member of the “Business Women Network” at SAP and co-founder of ”Next Exit Future“.