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Einav Lavi leaf
Inspiring Executive


United States
Qualitest Group
As a talent maximizer for Qualitest, a leading Quality Engineering firm, I bring a 20-year track record of delivering growth and transformation. Passionate to lead in everchanging talent environment, I craft high potential teams and practices by leveraging human capital innovation, amidst the fast-paced technology and business trends.

I bring multi-national experience and a diverse background to build and enhance the company’s capabilities and talent. I was instrumental in the company’s 100% growth last year, orchestrating our people strategy and transformation approach to achieve $1B revenue in three years. Since 2017, I spearheaded integrating 9 acquired companies from 3 different continents, incubating different businesses inside the enterprise to evolve talent and support growth. It is fulfilling to lead a company that grew from 600 employees to 5000 in 6 years.

As a CHRO, I delivered 20% improvement in employee engagement last year and retained over 95% of the top talent, by developing business retention strategies and leadership coaching. I have teched up the HR function with innovative technologies and achieved ahead of market levels of Diversity, leading Qualitest into a purpose-driven organization.

Before Qualitest, I served in operations, finance, and customer experience roles. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and Economics and a Master’s in Financial Economics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I am married and have 3 beautiful kids, aged 14, 10 and 4. If I am not busy working, you’ll find me reading, boxing, or chilling with my family in our backyard in San Diego.

I host Woman @ Qualitest monthly forums where I am couching our women employees on assertiveness, confidence, and how to pursue their career progression. We share experiences and do role playing to deal with real situations.
For every IT position open, we ask our recruiters to present at at least 40% women candidates.
We offer higher Referral bonuses for referrals of women vs men.
I am also sending monthly videos to our female employees to promote diversity and work life balance. Latest video: