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Asia Sharif leaf
Rising Star


United Kingdom
I am a driven and motivated tech enthusiast with an entrepreneurial mindset . In 9 months I...
1.Taught myself how to code.
2. Completed software engineering internship at SKY May 2021.
3. Got my first software engineering job thanks to CodeFirstGirls Nanodegree - Start with NatWest January 2022.
4. On a Blockchain Development Scholarship with Consensys to qualify as a blockchain developer by January 2022.
5. Co-Founded an educational technology platform called TechNewbies.
6. Graduated as a mentee with BlackGirlsInTech - I am now a BGIT Mentor for 14 weeks, just been assigned my first mentee!
7. Working on launching my own Blockchain Startup called ChainVerse!
8. Became a voluntary Coding Instructor and Workshop Facilitator at SimplexCode
9. Accepted as a Mentee with Black Valley to help elevate my journey.

I love representing women in tech and I am so excited for the future for us ALL!

Being part of many communities such as Black Girls In Tech, Black Valley, Code First Girls, Tech Newbies and Coding Black Females; I use the opportunity to give back and I share my journey through blog writing, tips in the industry and through sharing books and Ted Talks that help with a positive mindset. Such as Atomic Habits, How to lose your mind and re-create one, How to reach your most ambitious goals Ted Talk. I believe that it is vital to have the right mindset to be able to navigate through the tech industry, especially as a woman of colour and to inspire women to reach their goals.