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Background profile
Joanne John leaf


Working on my next career move after 9+ years at Salesforce
15+ years’ experience in Global Partner Success at Scale, Partner Operations and Team Excellence for large scale organisations to Fortune 500s within the software, telecommunications and banking industries.

I led a global taskforce to maximize customer and partner success and drive company vision. We strategised and implemented proactive and reactive digital improvement processes for joint goal alignment, transparency and expedited delivery

For EMEA, APAC and LATAM I led the back-end functionality (application, lead submissions, referral fees) for the cloud alliance partner program

I Built and managed the 1st Multi-Customer Critical Incident Center in EMEA: designed the operational blueprint to define procedures and translate major service disruptions to customers and partners

Member of the Ireland Leadership Team (12 people) at Salesforce for >2 years (>2000 employees)

Mentored by the CEO of Wells Fargo International as part of the 30% Club Program: Helping Women Obtain Leadership Roles