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I am a B2B marketing expert with 16+ years of work experience. I love the science behind building a brand, narrowing down the right audience who will buy from businesses and creating touch points for customer delight. I have worked with some of the largest organizations and customers across the globe, and actively consult start-ups on their marketing and growth strategy.

I also represent the set of women who have had access to good education and exposure to good career growth. And we are outnumbered by the number of women I cross my paths with, who are outside this set. This drove me to be a champion for education at a very early age. I was a founding memeber of an NGO that focused on providing additional education to poorly funded schools in rural India. I strongly believe in mentoring women in careers and women entreprenuers. And I have been a part of mentorship programs that do this.

I have been a part of Women in Business by Wipro, while i worked there. It was an initiative to spotlight women leaders in large organizations to share their inspiring growth stories -

Mentorship program details -