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Magali Bejar

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Tiene que haber algo más
I am a computer engineer, social entrepreneur, and digital nomad

I have a 10-year career in tech in Argentina and the United States, working as a technical product manager leading teams in remote startups with distributed employees across the globe. Not only that, but I have vast experience creating digital product strategies in startups and being a team lead and manager

Thanks to scholarships I had the opportunity to study at Georgetown, the London School of Economics y Singularity University. Since 2018 I travel the world while working full-time.

My main focus is “Tiene que haber algo más” which is an education company with social impact that helps to close the gap between Spanish-speaking professionals and opportunities.
About the industry and my career
I love building digital products that solve real-life problems because there are a lot of benefits that tech can add to people’s day-to-day realities.

One example of a fast-evolving project is “Tiene que haber algo más” which started as a podcast to share stories of professionals who transitioned to a life aligned with their values. The goal is telling these stories is to share new voices around the world and their decision-making process, thought frameworks, strategies, preparation, and fears. 6 months after its launch, it made it to the top 1 on Apple Podcast in Argentina. We are now among the 1% of the most shared podcasts in the world, we have listeners from +45 countries and we published 80 interviews.

My mission is to help people to move forward with their transitions, some of them want a remote job, a better salary, to change careers, to start studying, or to travel, but they are afraid and don’t know how to do it. Some topics are usually not talked about: strategy in career planning, risk mitigation, negotiation, strategy, or digital skills.
About a Women that Build values
The way I work towards being a woman that builds is by supporting people’s professional careers while caring about them as individuals. I invest time and energy to create safe work environments where my reporters feel good about being themselves without having to change their personalities to fit in the workplace.

Furthermore, I am always looking for diversity, so we create space for new voices to share their opinions and thoughts while having transparent communication. As a leader, I want to keep learning new ways to manage people instead of just using the old male type of leadership. As women, we add a lot of value by leading with a different perspective.

About my future
My goals include building a solid, long-term company that uses my experience and learnings to help people with a social mission. When I worked in a B corporation, I have seen how the mission aligned with the employees and I want to recreate that to create something more interesting than just generating profit.

I want to broaden my perspective, improve my personal and professional leadership, and learn best practices and strategies that can be applied to ‘Tiene que haber algo más’ to solve critical issues in Latin-American. I want to keep learning from top-tier teachers and institutions in order to share my learning and benefit others.

As a woman in STEM, I always felt the lack of representation and I am ready to be a role model for my audience to tell them that this is possible for them too and guide them on how to take action.