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Doris Hernandez-Argueta

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Doris, CEO and co-founder of, a web3 protocol redefining digital asset management through a user-centric, secure, email-based experience. Born and raised in Honduras, she studied finance and later software engineering. She is a Stanford University graduate in Project Management and a dropout from Harvard Extension School's Master in Information Management Systems, her journey in the tech industry has been characterized by continuous learning and innovation.

Doris built the largest ride-sharing app in Honduras, became the first technical CEO of Honduras and won 8x web3 hackathons across the globe, highlight the capacity of women to excel in the often male-dominated blockchain sphere.
About diversity and inclusion promotion
Passionate about diversity and inclusion, Doris co-founded H.E.R DAO Latam, a women-focused developer DAO that fosters diversity and inclusion in Web3. Now boasting over 650 members across all of Latam, this community has awarded approximately 100 scholarships, enabling women to attend key web3 conferences and benefit from immersive hackathon experiences.

When she embarked on her founder journey, Doris faced the challenge of navigating the complex fundraising process, which heavily relied on having the right connections. However, her involvement with H.E.R DAO Latam connected her with key industry players, an advantage she now strives to provide to the next wave of female web3 founders in Latam.
About me as a leader
As a role model, Doris aims to create meaningful change in the web3 space, especially for female founders in Latam. She has created a support network of over 15 female web3 founders, demonstrating her commitment to fostering mutual growth and success in the tech industry. Her story emphasizes the power of resilience, community, and inclusivity, and serves as an inspiration for women seeking to disrupt the status quo and reshape the tech industry's future.