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Tatyane Calixto

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CESAR School
I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science (2021), a Master's in Computer Science (2016), I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computing (2014) and I have been working as a professor in a Higher IT course since 2017 teaching programming and game design disciplines.
About diversity and inclusion promotion
I have been one of the organizers and mentors of the Game Jam das Minas since 2018. It is one of the first game jams in Brazil with an emphasis on encouraging the entry of women into the gaming area and strengthening the women who already work in it.
I'm an ambassador for Women Techmakers (WTM) 2021, a Google community to encourage women's entry into tech and to promote visibility and diversity.
In March and May I organized, together with other ambassadors, an event for the WTM International Women's Day with several lectures and workshops with women in the areas of technology and design, with the main theme: Dare to be.
I also advise academic papers on gender and racial diversity in computing.
About me as a leader
In my computing classes, I bring examples of women who have made important contributions to the field of computing and games. Well, they are not always recognized, having their stories made invisible. This is important for students, as it helps with the issue of belonging in the IT area, and also gives them the opportunity to meet women who worked or work in the area.

I think that collaborating is very important to strengthen and encourage women in the IT area and that is why I support and promote the collaboration of different communities in events that I organize or make the bridge for the appointment of women speakers.

Research on topics related to gender and racial diversity.