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Dr. Srimathy Kesan

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Space Kidz India
After my wedding i had a forced 16 years of Sabbatical, life was revolving around husband, children, in laws as they were from a cery orthodox family they disnot want women to step out of home to do anything. It took me 16 years to break the cluthes.

During a travel conference at Chennai, i ran into an old friend Ms. Reema Sisodia, an NCC camp mate who represented Republic day camp from the Maharashtra directorate. Reema was working as an editor in Travel Express, she motivated me to go to the US for a travel show which would give me ideas to start something on my own. She even proposed my name for an international travel conference at Florida (USA), in February 2009 which was the turning point of my life.

“I felt great to represent India at the two day meet in the US. I enjoyed being one of the 10,000 delegates and there were 3,600 booths at the conference,” which acquainted me with NASA, Kennedy Space Centre space camps. I thought this was it, my purpose in life was identified, working for children, nurturing their curiosity in science, STEAM became my priority.

I had faced a lot of challenges initially, though the term NASA was a fantasy among every Indian, still, i i found it hard to convince thr parents to send their children for a scientific experiential learning to the United States. Paperwork and processing US visas for children were equally challenging. Despite the challenges, i had managed to mobilize as many as 108 children from 8th to 12th standard in the 12-16 years age group. My first delegation of children for NASA left on April 27, 2010, “it’s the 13th anniversary of our maiden trip and my entry to entrepreneurship.”

The frequent trips to NASA put her to thought of creating team in India to build a team and founded Space Kidz India. Until this date i had the opportunity to nurture about 3500 talents from India, Dubai, and Indian children from Africa . Apart from the Space camps, i made it mandatory for children to showcase Indian culture. Children apart from learning Space also performed at NASA, High Commissions, US Universities, Canadian Universities etc. The pinnacle was to compete and get a slot to perform at the “ LONDON OLYMPICS “. 1st time ever, Indian children about 100 of them performed at the Olympics. It was a huge challenge to get through this but, was so fruitful as every audience went gaga over the tradition and culture of India. Also performed on behalf of the Indian High Commission Olympic Celebration. The children from India were predominantly from rural background and exhibited the folklore of India. All this was executed from home as a Solopreneur

And in 2016 officially space Kidz India became a registered partnership Aerospace startup.

"Space Kidz India'' (SKI) is an Indian Aerospace Startup pioneering in the design, fabrication and launch of small satellites, spacecraft and ground systems. The goal of SKI is to provide economic and sustainable access to space to cater to the needs of education, research and industry. With 7+ years of experience, SKI is the ONLY organisation in India who has launched 18+ BalloonSats, 3 Suborbital Payloads and 4 Orbital Satellites and all designed and developed by students.

KalamSAT, the World’s lightest and 1st ever 3D printed Satellite was launched by NASA and won huge accolades across the globe. The 4 Orbital Satellites were launched by ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization). The recent Satellite launched by SKI was the “ AzaadiSat “ which was the emotion of 750 rural girl children across India. 75 government schools across every Indian State and Union territory were chosen and hands on training was given to these 750 girl students to build 75 payloads and all put together in a Satellite by the students of Space Kidz India. 1st time ever in the World 750 girl students were brought together to build a Satellite.

Since its inception, SKI, has touched millions of young minds and will continue to impact future generations in STEAM in a positive manner.
About diversity and inclusion promotion
I Create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Encourage open and honest communication, active listening, and constructive feedback. Emphasize teamwork and collaboration to foster a sense of belonging.

Ensure equal access to opportunities for all team members and peers, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, or any other characteristic. Implement fair hiring practices, career development programs, and inclusive decision-making processes.

My team is a great example of how talent and skills can emerge from diverse backgrounds, including those from 3-tier towns. The success of this team showcases the importance of recognizing and valuing skills and expertise above factors like geographic location or educational background. It also highlights the potential for talent to emerge from areas that are often overlooked or underrepresented.
About me as a leader
My work in the field of space education and my initiatives in a traditionally male-dominated industry demonstrates my ability to break barriers. By challenging gender norms and succeeding in a field that has historically lacked gender diversity, i serve as an inspiration for many aspiring women leaders.

I was the only woman among top 10 Space Start-ups invited to inaugurate a new division of the Space department by the Prime Minister of India, where i got an opportunity to interact and share about our project “AzaadiSAT”( for girl children from rural backgrounds.). It was highly appreciated and accoladed by our Honourable Prime Minister who quoted the same in couple of his speeches.

As the Founder of Space Kidz India, i have been able to display entrepreneurial qualities such as vision, innovation, and perseverance. My ability to establish and lead an organization focused on STEAM education, focussing on Space for children showcases my leadership skills and serves as an example for aspiring women leaders looking to create their own ventures.

This apart my involvement in social welfare programs for women like voicing out for breast cancer and AIDS. I had also produced a music video creating awareness for against breast cancer for women. As an ambassador to Peace i render speeches on creating a borderless World among students. Be it floods, corona tsunami or earthquake i am in the forefront cooking and distributing food for 1000’s of homeless. This has been my ordeal right from my childhood.

My commitment to making a positive impact on society.

, dedication to empowering women through various initiatives can inspire future women leaders to engage in social causes, advocate for gender equality, and contribute to the betterment of communities. Not only children from rural backgrounds but i have consistently working for the children from the juvenile homes. Imparting STEM education and mentorship, and trying to create TAT difference in their lives which will pave way for them to become good citizens of the Country, is one of my favourite work.

I create a pipeline for future women leaders in these traditionally male-dominated areas. Overall, my accomplishments, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to social welfare, and dedication to empowering future generations make i think makes me a role model for aspiring women leaders. My work undoubtedly will serve as an inspiration for women breaking barriers, making a difference, and leading with passion and purpose.