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Chiagorom Oghotuama

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Spain and France
Seizure Support Foundation
My career as the Executive Director of the Seizure Support Foundation has been driven by a deep commitment to improving the lives of children and individuals with neurological impairments and learning disorders.

In keeping with our organization’s mission of bridging gaps caused by social and educational exclusion of children with neurological impairments, I have spearheaded and implemented special education programs and initiatives focusing on integrating STEAM disciplines into the learning experiences of students with neurological disorders and learning disabilities. These technology - driven instructional approaches enhance the cognitive and academic skills of children's with autism, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders and Down’s Syndrome.

I am passionate about providing inclusive and engaging educational opportunities that foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and technological literacy. By incorporating STEAM principles into special education, students with learning disabilities can develop a wide range of skills and competencies that prepare them for future academic and career success

My incorporation of STEAM education in special education not only supports academic growth but also promotes independence, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in students with learning disabilities. It enables them to explore their interests, develop confidence, and pursue future educational and career pathways.

As the Executive Director of SSF, I also provide strategic consulting in ensuring incorporation of differentiated instruction, accomodations and assistive technologies to support individual learning styles. I am constantly researching and introducing novel technologies, such as adaptive software, communication devices, and sensory tools, to enable students to actively participate in STEAM activities, access information, and express their ideas effectively.

I am inspired as a catalyst in providing a more inclusive society where children with neurological impairments can live independent and productive lives.
About diversity and inclusion promotion
At Seizure Support Foundation, promoting diversity and inclusion is an ongoing effort that requires continuous evaluation, adaptation, reinforcement and improvements. Some of the strategies implemented to create a more inclusive and diverse team benefiting both leadership, staff and volunteers of the organization include:

Embedding the culture of inclusivity in our organization’s vision, mission and core values. We foster an inclusive culture where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and valued.

As the Executive Director, I model inclusive behavior and demonstrate our commitment to diversity by treating all team members fairly, with respect, and without bias. By fostering inclusive work and personal relationships, we create teams who understand our mission and work effectively to achieving the organization's vision of enabling a more inclusive society.

We develop and implement diverse hiring practices that attract and retain candidates from a range of backgrounds and provide equal opportunities for career advancement and professional development.

I believe communication is key for the successfully realization of goals in any organization. We encourage open communication within our ecosystem, respect for different perspectives, and the active participation of all team members. I seek feedback and suggestions on how to improve diversity and inclusion within the organization and regularly update the team on diversity-related initiatives, progress, and achievements.
About me as a leader
As a female leader in the STEAM industry, I believe I provide representation and visibility for women in a field that has historically been male-dominated. This representation helps inspire and empower young women and girls to believe in their own abilities and pursue careers in STEAM.

My personal journey in assuming a leadership position as the Executive Director, breaks barriers and challenges traditional gender roles and stereotypes. My story will inspire other women to pursue leadership positions and overcome encumbrances on their professional and personal journeys.

My experiences as a nonprofit Executive Director enable me to offer mentorship and support to aspiring women leaders. By sharing my experiences, insights, and advice, I can help guide and empower other women as they navigate their own professional journeys.