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Lucia Aguilar


Tech Entrepreneur

TATAM Digital Services
I currently run two companies. The first is TATAM Digital, an influencer marketing agency focused on performance. We have more than 60 employees and some of the biggest European startups as clients, such as Hellofresh, Blinkist, Babbel, etc. The second company is LuliInvierte, an edtech where I train thousands of people in finance and investing.
Before entrepreneurship, I had a long career in multinational companies such as Unilever, American Express, and a German startup, Clue. I worked in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Spain.
My agency was born out of the need to spend more time with my children. I wanted to be able to manage my schedule to be present as a mother, wife, and friend while fulfilling my dream of doing work I love. Women’s power to accomplish everything we set out to do led me to where I am right now.
I currently manage my business, my finances and investments, my social media with more than 165,000 followers (83% women), the courses I offer, and my social and family life, and I take loving care of my two children. In my account, @luliinvierte, I show this lifestyle, share my experiences, and help women take charge of their finances, invest for their future, work, and strive to achieve everything they set their minds to. Being a successful woman means being happy and fulfilled. I also believe that finance and investment management is the last bastion we have yet to conquer, as many women, even professionals, still don’t know how to make money work for them.
At TATAM, most of the leadership positions are occupied by women, and we developed an environment that is compatible with family life.