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Giuliana Huamán


Tech Entrepreneur

Peru and Ecuador
Hi, I'm Giuliana, a human who loves learning, sharing, and above all, living. I have studied and worked in various fields, including business administration, social entrepreneurship, executive, personal and team coaching, storytelling, innovation and creativity, and performing arts. I worked for transnational companies for seven years until an accident changed my life, and I decided to do what I really wanted: to help other people and become an entrepreneur. I have helped over 1000 people and 50 companies transform themselves through coaching and innovation.

I decided to pursue my own master’s in life, so I traveled for 3 years around the world, gathering knowledge from the best innovation hubs, from the United States, Israel, China, and Indonesia, to Thailand, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and India, learning from the best innovation and technology ecosystems. I returned to Peru to apply what I learned to further develop companies and future entrepreneurs in my country and LATAM.

Among other adventures, I was a fellow of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and an international speaker on executive coaching, open innovation, the Femtech market, and Executive Deceleration and its methodology to build businesses in connection with nature. I have been a TEDx speaker (my talk is called "Destruir para construir") and mentor for Peru, Switzerland and Qatar. In 2018, I was the global winner of the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and was recognized as the Woman of the Year by El Comercio Peru.

I’m currently CEO of Miah, the first sextech in Peru. Miah is an AI virtual sex coach that helps Spanish-speaking women to improve their sexual health and well-being. Today my purpose is to eliminate the taboo around sexual health for millions of women in Spanish-speaking countries. I’m also the founder of #Empoderatec, an outreach platform that helps women pursue studies or work in the STEM world.

At a Hackathon in 2014, I was asked if I was there because I was some developer’s girlfriend. That same year, I was the second woman who knew nothing about technology in the Founder Institute program in Peru. After those experiences and knowing that the lack of women in STEAM was big at that time (and still is today), I pursued my purpose of making it so that no other woman would have to go through what happened to me. I also seek to show the other side of women in entrepreneurship because a woman entrepreneur can also be a mother, a daughter, have a partner, a social life, and balance in every aspect of her life.

Eight years ago, I began developing an interest in sexuality, a taboo subject even for the sextech ecosystem, since I’m the first CEO in the sector in Peru. In my country, as in other Spanish-speaking countries, there is no proper sex education, which makes women experience many sexual issues in their adulthood. This also happened to me, and that’s why I founded Miah.

So far, I have given talks in LATAM on female empowerment to more than 20 thousand women, Empoderatec videos have reached more than 1 million views, and Miah has more than 5000 users after only three months of its launch. And I will not rest until I eliminate the taboo of sex education in Peru and LATAM.

Today, I invite women to join us, to support us, and above all, to grow together.