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Alondra Fraustro


Rising Star

Mexico and Caribbean
Ciencia Mágica
My name is Alondra Jazmín Fraustro Cardiel, and I graduated as a Bacteriological and Parasitological Chemist from the Biological Sciences College at UANL. I’m currently a science communicator and environmental educator, and my purpose is to inspire children, young people, and adults to change the world. I seek to show them that climate change is not something abstract. It’s happening now, and we can face it together through science. Since childhood, I’ve been interested in science and achieving a better planet through my inventions. As I grew up, I became aware of the massive environmental issue, so I founded Ciencia Mágica, a startup that aims to care for the environment and communicate science in a digestible and clear way for everyone. My talent, creativity, and passion for building a better world have allowed me to represent Mexico at local, national, and international competitions. In 2012, I won the Ecology and Sustainable Living contest at UANL. In 2020, I won the Champions of the Earth Award from the United Nations for developing a kit for the installation of gardens to build sustainable communities and combat desertification and drought in South Korea. I was the first Mexican to win this award. I have also been selected as a speaker at TEDxUANLWomen 2020 for sharing the power of women as creators and generators of change, and I’m part of the Global Leadership Network "Voices That Inspire 2021" by P&G and Vital Voices. Recently, for my commitment and background as an environmental leader promoting compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda, I won the Presea Youth Awards 2030 "Global Leaders" edition in Xalapa, Veracruz.

This year, I’ve been selected with Ciencia Mágica as an ambassador for Audi's environmental program to represent Mexico in Manchester, UK, in September 2022 at the Summit of young world leaders: One Young World. Also, in June 2022, I was selected as the 2030 Ambassador in Nuevo Leon for my deep commitment to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and my outstanding career, becoming a youth representative in the municipality of Monterrey.

I am the founder of ECOBIORES, an environmental biotechnology start-up that aims to replace single-use plastic with degradable biomaterials through a circular economy. This initiative won the Vital Voices and Procter and Gamble (P&G) Voices that Inspire contest, and it was recognized as one of the most impactful ideas by the Women Economic Forum and BIOFASE.

I inspire and empower other women through Ciencia Mágica, generating content on social media, including videos, infographics, and blogs sharing my experience as a scientist, as well as my highs and lows, to show them it’s possible to achieve their dreams. Also, I give lectures, courses, and workshops on science outreach, bringing girls and women closer to science with STEAM education programs. I strive for equity and inclusion in science education by showing them how much fun science is, awakening the scientist in them, boosting the scientific talent of the future, feeding their curiosity, making them marvel at the amazing world we live in, teaching them to observe under the microscope, conducting experiments, sharing science facts, promoting respect and care for the environment, fostering a love for science and the planet, motivating them to leave a sustainable footprint.

I've developed two initiatives under the project’s framework: "Mujeres mágicas en la ciencia" and "Semana de Mujeres en la ciencia,” spaces for dialogue where we welcome scientists as special guests who talk about how their research in science, technology, mathematics, physics, and engineering is revolutionizing the world.

I am a woman, an entrepreneur, and a scientist who is already changing the world, promoting environmental care, female leadership, and scientific innovation. My goal is to address issues of social inequality and sustainability, especially in Mexico and Latin America, providing solutions through my two initiatives: Ciencia Mágica, a company focused on science outreach and STEAM and environmental education, and ECOBIORES, a technology-based Environmental Biotechnology company, where I sit as General Director, developing degradable biomaterials from agro-industrial waste.

Finally, I have brought children closer to science by creating a kit that promotes environmental and scientific education. It has an innovative design that can be installed in marginalized areas without access to water and allows communities to capture rainwater and filter it to obtain drinking water. This kit teaches people to grow their own food, creating their gardens at home. One of the elements is a book where I talk about climate change and show experiments to teach them to make their compost, separate waste, and take care of water, among other topics. It also includes innovative 100% degradable biomaterials. I've also worked on solving the issue around fruit waste that generates pollution in nearby communities through gas emissions. I did this by taking advantage of the peels to create pots, paper, and vegetable ink, managing to build more sustainable communities.