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Natalia Pinilla


Rising Star

Hi, I'm Natalia! I'm an industrial designer focused on hardware and manufacturing process development and passionate about developing highly innovative technology products.
I’ve worked in robot development for the home delivery industry for more than 4 years, where I have been able to understand the needs of customers by being part of the operation, improving existing robots, and developing a new robot from scratch, which is now delivering food at home in different universities in the United States.
I’m currently leading the hardware and manufacturing team at Kiwibot, where we’re improving our robots, producing hundreds more, and optimizing manufacturing processes.

I’ve lived by principles of hard work, discipline, and effort since I entered the world of hardware and manufacturing, which, unfortunately, is still pigeonholed as a man's world. I believe that being able to lead this area today within a company as important as Kiwibot is a way to break stereotypes and show that everything is possible if you’re passionate. Even if, at first, you don’t fit into a role, it’s up to you to show your talent because there are no jobs for men or women; there are jobs for people who enjoy them and are good at them.