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Apala Sen


Rising Star

My name is Apala Sen and I define myself as a technology enthusiast with attributes of modest, learner, mentor, and leader. I have been enjoying working in the IT Industry for more than 12 years, started my journey as most of the IT graduates do, as an intern, back in 2010. In the initial year, I learned and worked as a Java developer, then I developed an interest in Salesforce so started my self-learning and soon got an opportunity to apply my learnings to a real-time project. Since then, I have worked on various projects on multiple business units and domains.

With continuous learning and continuous project deliveries for over 5 years and I was entitled as Module Lead quite early in my Salesforce Developer journey. However, in the search for a versatile role, more challenging work, and the opportunity to grow better, I joined Globant India Pvt. Ltd as lead Salesforce Developer.
Being the first member and the developer in the Salesforce community at Globant India, there was a lot of challenges but that has also created an opportunity for me to connect, represent and demonstrate my skills and abilities in various aspects.
With guidance from amazing leaders of Globant, I could define my career growth, especially on the path of leadership, and became a key member of the Salesforce community.

I am thankful to Globant for this enriching and rewarding journey and for creating an environment where everyone can freely and safely share ideas, ask questions, and yet grow faster and better.