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Victoria Gomez


Digital Leader

Technology is my passion, with special predilection for AI and Digital Transformation.

I was lucky to have grown up among passionate engineers in my family, lovers of electronics, computers,.. I am so grateful to my father, grandfather and uncles for being my inspiration, for not setting limits, for making me dream of being able to help people through technology, to create and innovate. They were my first allies and I followed their steps: I hold a BsC in Engineering, MsC in Robotics and Electronics and become a Patent holder for a special 3-D vision system in real-time developed for usage in drones (UAVs).

On a later stage when starting my business career I got an executive MBA at IE Business School and also executive education at London Business School. I am grateful for my company, IBM, where I have developed most of my professional career, helping me grow and making my dreams as a girl come true. I have held different positions and responsibilities, from Consulting to Software Sales, from Spain to European leadership. This helped me to get experience in high demanding and international environments with proven management and leadership abilities, in addition to strong interpersonal and linguistic skills. Some highlights of my roles include leading Big Data and AI Sales at European level. Now I am sales manager for Data & AI for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

In addition I co-host Data, AI and Cloud meet-ups in Madrid and Barcelona.
I am a diversity and inclusion advocate and firm believer. I humbly contribute on a daily basis, from managing my team in an inclusive way to mentoring other women through IBM's program "The Mentoring Hub".

I like to give back, and have participated in many volunteering /social programs and activities to try influence and help more girls decide for STEM studies and careers, and also with my participation in the IBM Mentorplace, to help kids/girls and as a speaker at IBM Tech days to promote STEM careers among kids.

I have been a speaker talking about AI at multiple women events, like for instance 2022 AI en Femenino, interview at Radio Capital in the program Women in AI.