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Mradula Singh


Digital Leader

Mradula Singh is Founder and CEO of NexSchools
She has been working in Edtech industry for over two decades now, fortunate to be associated with some of the pioneering projects and companies in India. She has established herself as an Edtech leader, entrepreneur, start-up mentor and works relentlessly for women and girls empowerment through NexSchools and in her personal capacity.

Her work for Cyber Safety Awareness among schools, children, girls and women responding to the rising challenges of technology affecting children and women to magnifying scale is commendable.

Gender Equality at the core - She is a firm believer that if technology is put to the right use then every woman will be empowered. She mentors women who are highly educated but today they are out of the working population. Her endeavours have helped women in making informed choices to join the workforce. She has specially designed courses for women and girls to fight rising challenges on cyber safety, digital media and information literacy as a privileged member of the International Organizing Committee of UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy and digital skills with the aim of providing digital inclusion & opportunities for women in all age-group. Digital inclusion will uplift the labour force participation rate of women in India contributing to 5% growth of the economy..

Awards and Recognition

Finalist - Evangelist Of The Year - Digital Identity Management Day 2021(in the first-ever Digital Identity Management Day, 13 April 2021) |

Global International Organising Committee Member of UNESCO's Media & Information Literacy -MIL Week 2021 & 2022

Invited as Speaker in the Featured Conference in UNESCO's Media & Information Literacy -MIL Week 2021 & 2022

President of Advisory Board of Happier and Safer Internet for all – A Project.

Launched India’s first Cyber Safety Awareness Week in 2021 with a global vision. Ideated, Conceptualized and successfully implemented India’s First Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2021 with 500 thousand resources impression and impacted 50K children. It now appears as a Featured Snippet on Google search and Google has also added NexSchools as an Image Category in keywords – Cyber Safety Awareness Impact in Schools.

She has authored character-based colourful books for school children. Books are based on her live engagement that has fired up, motivated and instilled skills ready to tackle - online safety, digital wellness and netiquettes among audiences of all age groups, especially children. The topics are hand-picked with a pragmatic approach.

Journey as a Founder
Taking forward zeal and passion for education and parenting, founded NexSchools in 2016, it is armed with Edu Media Platform & -Online One Stop Solution for Alumni Association with fully automated flip eYearbooks, eReunion Memoirs.

NexSchools is a private entity working with one mission to make awesome education and parenting. NexSchools vision for education is to look beyond academic achievements to build a positive community with a strong ethos.

NexSchools supports, advocates and promotes social causes both in India and globally, public or private that create an environment of happiness, media and information literacy, online safety, supporting Sustainable Development Goals and works relentlessly for women and girls empowerment through special initiatives.

In 2021, NexSchools initiated Cyber Safety Awareness Week 1-7 December as an annual event to shed light on the many susceptible online dangers for children and schools, families and the community. The week highlighted the need to integrate internet safety into school curricula. The Cyber Safety Awareness Week was a huge success with 5,00,000 impressions of the resources online.

NexSchools provides tech-focused creative branding and marketing solutions for social impact Companies and Projects, Edtech, Edu Services and non-profit organisations working for gender equality.

International Alliances and Partners
 UNESCO Media & Information Literacy Alliance Partner - Members (

 International Champion for Online Safety | Media & Information Literacy
 NexSchools is STOP.THINK. CONNECT. National Curator for India - education campaign by with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) USA

Detailed profile-

Digital Inclusion and Opportunities for Women and Girls
-through courses, special programs for cyber safety, digital media literacy and skills building

"You educate a woman you educate a generation. You empower a teacher you empower a community."

There are 4.9 million women educators in India and they comprise 55% of the total number of teachers in K12. My organization and I focus on upskilling, and capacity building of teachers equipping and empowering them with new skills for better learning for children.
Our special focus is on the mission – Happier and Safer Internet for all which is a holistic approach:
1. Protection from online dangers for women and girls – cyberbullying, sextortion, stalking, financial scams etc.

2. Empowerment to navigate new digital media founded on facts, and information literacy and harness creativity to get employable skills to thrive with the right knowledge and tools for happier online experiences.

Programs for girls and women - We have designed certificate courses for the Cyber Warrior Girl Scout Program with the objective build a collaborative community of leaders who spread the messages among the wider community of female students in schools, colleges and families. Besides the deep delving learning we also regularly conduct interactive sessions for women and girls of all age groups.

NexSchools has touched half a million people through this program and total visits on have reached over 2 million in a year’s time.

Our efforts are on for more research-centric pragmatic solutions for ever-changing cyber space and towards building educational resources like guide books for girls and women to build a safety net while making the most from the internet.

As a start-up mentor, Mradula continuously reaches out to NGOs, and Mompreneurs to guide them with tools and knowledge to build digital literacy, content marketing strategy and planning to grow their business with minimum resources. She has so far mentored about 50 such organizations and businesses besides many other individual women who are domestic helpers and underprivileged.