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Barbara Kurshan


Board Executive

USA and Canada
Penn GSE (Innovation Advisor), American Public Education (board member)
I have honed my vision of “what can be” using technology while supporting education companies and developing innovative products. I currently serve as a Senior Innovation Advisor at the Graduate School of Education at Penn where I help build and advise education companies. I continue to explore innovation ecosystems that allow me to "do good" and "do well". As the President of ECC, I provide strategic consulting in the areas of investment, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As the past Executive Director of Curriki, I helped to build one of the most innovative global open-source education communities. I previously served as the Co-CEO of Core Learning, an education investment fund, and the Chief Academic Officer of bigchalk. I currently serve on the corporate board of American Public Education; and invest and advise several edtech companies. I am the author of several books, articles and I regularly blog for My new book InnovateHERs – Why Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurial Women Rise to the Top, based on my research around entrepreneurial mindset, is now available on Amazon. I am constantly building communities, companies and products that are innovative and "make a difference".
I inspire others by being a mentor and a role model. Being a mentor and advisor allows you to share your journey and be part of the journey of others. I believe women, as well as men, need to "see it to be it". That is why I continually support others as they become change makers, entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators.