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United States
I've been in Information Technology for over 27 years. As a female in technology, when I first started my career I wasn't even aware there was an imbalance ratio of men to women in the technology field until someone made me aware of it and brought it to my attention. Ever since, I've been a proud supporter, mentor and sponsor helping our future leaders to embrace diversity and courage without fear. As an executive technology leader, I amplify and boost my teams and work with individuals on how they can connect and learn and grow by getting out of their comfort zone.
I was the founder and President of our Women in Tech (WIT) at iCIMS, and continue to play a large role at each company I work at and lead with encouragement and support. I build inclusive experiences and we need our male partners just as much as we need our female contributors.
If you review my linkedIn profile, you will also see numerous key note speaking engagements at technical conferences, schools and universities where I hope to bring awareness and courage to our future leaders. I'm proud of the work I am grateful to do in this space and the influence I can provide and it's remarkable how contagious this work is. I would be honored to be recognized by this organization and use it to do even more on a larger scale. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this awesome cause and recognition. Best-Jen
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