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Kratin LLC
Rashmi is a co-founder and practicing architect at Kratin. She is passionate about bringing positive change in the lives of people using technology. With around 17+ years of experience, she has collaborated with various fortune 500 companies for several IT products right from inception to launch.
Recently she was selected by Forbes Ignite for the inaugural batch of Impact Fellowship, as one of the 30 participants from across the globe, to make an impact in global health as a catalyst change-maker with AI/ML. Her work in the space of neglected tropical diseases was appreciated by panel members and her team was marked for honourable mentions.
She also got selected by Goldman Sachs for entrepreneur's cohort specially designed for promising founder women at IIM Bangalore.
Her entrepreneurial venture, Kratin is a digital transformation company focusing on healthcare. Kratin won the most innovative health IT company award for two years in a row. Kratin delivers intelligent solutions for some of North America’s finest hospitals, clinics, and hospices.
In her early career, she won corporate awards multiple times like the best performer of the year, quarterly excellence, best in software programming, etc. she was one of the very few female members in receiving such awards. At one of her employers, she was a part of an elite R&D and design group called Catalyst, and she was the only girl member of that group. Thankfully today there are many girls around and she highly enjoys her experience and expertise in this journey.

I always enjoyed building solutions, one of my favorites is one we designed during the Forbes fellowship. We had a diverse team, two medical doctors from Africa and UK, an Infection Prevention and Control expert from Doha & a Pathology and Genetics expert from Spain, being the only STEM member in the group I educated others about the IT trends beyond the fellowship topic so that the bridge between IT and Healthcare could be stronger. I have also helped other entrepreneurs, in understanding the business ecosystem, social media, productivity tools via various forums, like GoldmanSachs’s10K women groups, I am active in contributing to the success of IT/non-IT women.