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Jaloree Lantigua

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USA and Canada
STREAM Technologies
I'm a visionary and advocate for inclusive education in technology. A game developer, technology instructor & speech therapist that has developed passion and a common desire to address the limitations faced by students with special needs and gifted individuals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). Witnessing these limitations firsthand, i've envisioned a future where these students would have equal access to opportunities, enabling them to become the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, and game changers.
About diversity and inclusion promotion
Founded an educational technology center called STREAM Technologies that focuses on providing courses in Video Game Development, Virtual Reality & Esports. Their center caters to both typical students and those with special needs or exceptional abilities. By offering a structured and high-quality educational program. I'm confided that with my vision and team are revolutionizing the landscape of education, preparing the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators for a competitive workforce, all while removing the barriers and limitations that have traditionally hindered these students' progress. I've hired students with disabilities to become employed in our team and currently 75% of our team is led by women.
About me as a leader
I believe opening opportunities of employment for women & education for females with disabilities creating an environment of equality & innovation of different abilities on professionals in STEAM.