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Rosana Hadad Salomón

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Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Tucumán
My name is Rosana Hadad Solomon. I am an Engineer specialized in Information Systems and a professor in Industrial Disciplines. I currently hold the position of Titular Professor at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional-Facultad Regional Tucumán, an institution that I deeply appreciate.

In addition to my academic career, I perform multiple roles that fill me with pride. I am a mother, educator, researcher, manager, and co-founder of technology companies. Within my work as a trainer, I lead an ICT research group made up of more than 40 researchers, including students, teachers, and graduates. I have also been a promoter of the creation of the "Network of Technological Women". Over the years, I have discovered an interest and commitment to caring for the environment, without neglecting my professional training.

If I had to summarize my career, I would consider myself a technologist who lives her profession with freedom and passion, responsibly assuming the different roles that have been assigned to me in the various fields in which I work. Thanks to my work teams, made up mostly of women, I have managed to achieve goals that seemed unattainable in my more than 24 years of experience in both the public and private sectors.

From an early age, I have liked to study, question, ask, and share my knowledge with others. As a lifelong learner, I am currently developing my thesis to obtain my Doctorate in Education.

As an educator, I have trained thousands of students and teachers in the areas of ICT, Educational Technology, and Entrepreneurship. In addition, as a scientist and researcher, since the year 2000, I have dedicated myself to the development of various lines of research in Information Systems Engineering. In 2009, I founded my first research group, which has grown to become the GIITNI (Technological Intelligence Research Group for Business and Industries) in 2019. In fact, I was invited to participate in the VISIO 2018 event in Bilbao, Spain, to share the success of our group.

In 2007, I received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education for developing a technological project for virtual campuses. This led me to study "Communication and Information Technologies" at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, United States. Through my teacher training and specialization in the use of ICT in the educational field, I have been a technology trainer since 2004. Since 2019, I have had the honor of being the director of the Higher Institute of Technological Education (ISET), where we provide training and we develop careers oriented to satisfy the demands of the labor market, such as Software Development, Bioenergy, Automation, and Industrial Robotics, and Environmental Management.

In 2007, together with a group of teachers, graduates, and students, I was concerned about the young people of Northern Argentina and we promoted activities such as professional and employment orientation talks from the UTN-FRT. These actions, which were initially framed under the name of "UTN Solidaria", have evolved and have been consolidated as an area of ​​University Social Responsibility. Since the adoption of the 2030 agenda, I have also worked to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our Faculty and community, promoting workshops and related activities.

In 2013, assuming the role of entrepreneur, I co-founded Área Clave, a strategic technology consultancy that offers consulting and training services to medium and large organizations, with the aim of improving their productivity and enhancing human and technological skills through new models of work. Following that path, since 2021, I have been a co-founder of Griftin Outsourcing IT, a company dedicated to providing digitalization services to important companies in Spain, the US, and Latin America. This challenge has allowed me to expand my profession towards new horizons and latitudes, forming professional teams where values, personal development, and the possibility of working and projecting internationally are essential on a day-to-day basis.

Since 2018, as Senior Advisor of the UTN on behalf of the teachers, I worked on the drafting of the Gender Violence protocol and later promoted the creation and implementation of the gender area within the Faculty.

From 2020 to the present date, I held the position of Secretary of Digital Transformation of the UTN-FRT, where I worked tirelessly to transform the reality of the Faculty, focusing on quality and improvement of processes as an organization. From this position, I promote the efficient and safe use of technologies, as well as quality management applied to education and institutional management.
About diversity and inclusion promotion
As a woman in the technology field, I am fully aware of the challenges and obstacles we face in the software industry, where a stark gender gap and difficulties in accessing advancement and promotion opportunities persist. In addition, family responsibilities often create difficulties in balancing professional and personal life, creating a hostile work environment that limits our progress in the field.

My objective is to train, accompany, and work together with technological women, providing them with the necessary tools so that they can develop their potential and reach leadership positions in the industry.

In this sense, since 2020 I have been developing an idea that will come true in 2023: the creation of the Network of Technological Women. This foundation will have as its main objective to promote women in the technological field so that they become professional leaders in their communities. Through this initiative, we will implement a mentoring system for university students, we will offer training programs, and we will provide support for the job reinsertion of graduates, among other actions. In addition, through this network, we will seek to create a space for collaboration, exchange of experiences, and networking between women who are dedicated to the technological field.
About me as a leader
I am fully aware of the limits and obstacles imposed by society. Some time ago I decided to eliminate the word "can't" from my vocabulary, which has helped me overcome every obstacle in my professional and personal life.

My commitment is to accompany women on their path to empowerment, especially in the field of technology. I always motivate my team to reach goals and achieve objectives. I consider myself someone who adapts to changes and who is constantly looking for new challenges.

My intuition and experience give me a clear vision of the future I want for the projects and organizations to which I belong.

I firmly believe in the ability to transform and improve our world through small changes in our closest environment, such as our families, work, and social groups. In this process, I consider that education and science are fundamental tools to achieve this transformation.