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Background profile
Sabina Schneider leaf


Chief Solutions Officer Latin America, recent mother of two boys
In a region bound with both potential and under penetration in technological transformation, Sabina Schneider oversees Globant’s modern problem-solving for Latin America’s top companies. Her multifaceted approach with her team brings together the company’s complex ecosystems of expertise, combining technology, design, data, and culture to craft intuitive solutions not to meet, but to exceed client expectations.
Coming from a hard-skill career background in big data and backend scalable platforms, Sabina joined Globant when it was a startup of 20 people. In the studios, she worked with the diverse team to develop smart corporate products incorporating machine learning, artificial intelligence and image processing to provide long-term value. She credits Globant’s culture of resilience as the driver for its growth and cohesion along the way, focusing on multi cultural diverse teams and a balanced life, where family and friends play a great role in her life.
Sabina focuses on delivering transformation programs by breaking down big business challenges into actionable elements to achieve a shorter time to market with continuous delivery. She bridges the gap between technical skill and business acumen, and helps companies become more competitive through data-driven, rapid, and dynamic technology solutions.
Sabina has a passion for languages, effortlessly expressing her ideas in Spanish, German and EnglishShe also enjoys open water swimming, running and being an active present mother, wife and friend.