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I've been around computers since I was 8. And now, almost 25 years later I cannot imagine a day without technology. Starting as sysadmin, then an IT architect and now as CTO, I'm confident to say that as we build technology, we keep the world evolving. It is us, people that imagine and create, the ones that make industries, cities and ourselves smarter everyday.

How did I get here? I'm from a small coastal town in Argentina. I studied in a technical high school and then systems engineering. I worked 10 years at IBM and there I did things I'm grateful for: I led the Argentinian technical community and conducted initiatives around diversity and women in tech; I created, with a great team, a 1m tall 3D printed interactive robot and led the Argentinian Innovation Center.

How am I now? I am UALI's CTO, a IIoT startup and I lead the technology strategy for our company: we build, through the use of robotics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, industrial drones capable of monitoring large scale assets mainly for the energy industry. Our goal, my goal, is to make this a safer, smarter and more efficient industry. In 2021, I wrote a book about IoT and its industrial usage and it was a wonderful experience.

I consider myself as a builder: I build teams and relationships, I build dreams and projects and I love to watch them happen surrounded by the ones that made them come true with me.