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Growing up in a typical, old-fashion Chinese home, I was told to pursue a career in Finance because it is one of the most stable, high-paying and great careers for women. So I finished my university honors degree in the United States and took on a couple of international jobs in Hong Kong and Peru, only to discover that my true passion did not lay there. Not long after, despite skeptical looks and discouraging comments (why switch your career now? you're going to start from zero... you're good at numbers, you should stay in finance), I made a bold move to ensure that I can say I chose my life and did not settle for it. I headed to Spain for a master in Business Analytics and Big Data, sleepless weekend nights of hackathons, tech/AI networking events, etc. so I could earn myself a full-time spot in the tech space. The journey was not always easy and smooth but I am forever thankful for where I am now and the people who supported me along the way. That is why I hope to inspire and encourage more women to enter the tech space, by sharing my example, by teaching a Big Data course at Geneva Business School, by mentoring female students, aspiring coders and tech leaders, at IE and at a secondary school. I might be just one individual, but together with all of the other women, I believe we can spark something bigger and really make a difference.