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Narjiss  Fathi leaf
Digital Leader


United Kingdom
Narjiss is an extraordinary leader, she leads by example and is an advocate for true diversity, enabling women to join the tech industry and is a fantastic asset in helping nonprofits around the world accelerate human progress wit her in-depth knowledge of technology, and Salesforce.

Narjiss has recruited and lead a huge team in the past 6 months, going from a small team of 5 to a team of 17 in a few short months. She leads with innovative, in depth thinking which is future-proofing nonprofits work as she leads them into a new way of creating impact.

Over the last year she has over seen over 30 projects which have been tackling some of the largest social problems, working with organisations in the nonprofit space of every size and type.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work in a position where I get to recruit women, mentor and coach them as well as be visible. I now tell my story to motivate others to believe that they too can get that job, get that promotion and inspire other women in return. I have also organised training programs for women who want to re-enter the workforce. I have prepared training materials and set up calls guiding their journey to Salesforce. It’s been fascinating to see the interest and the confidence gained as they familiarise themselves with administering the system.