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Vera Babat leaf
Inspiring Executive


I’m Vera and I have terrible problems defining myself in these types of situations.

To be honest, I’ve always felt that the “neither/nor” descriptions fit me best. Whether it was countries of origin, religion, language, interests, even professional paths.. I’ve had more than one. And today that I am neither old nor that young I’ve come to think of it as an asset.

A clinical Psychologist, bringing together psychology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, nature advocacy, interculturalism and teaching fascinates me.

As Chief Culture Officer of Abstracta I lead the People Care team and the Communications team. Both play a relevant role promoting the Abstractan-way. A way of leading teams considering each person's professional and personal development, as well as their health and wellbeing.

Abstracta’s organizational culture has been distinguished by its strong sense of equality, community and its humanistic view. In 2021 we’ve been recognized with the award “El talento no tiene género” and certified as a Great Place To Work.

I believe in sharing inspiring stories, experiences and ideas to strengthen the sense of community and promote connection among people. And it works.

On the Everything Else Podcast, I share my professional views as a clinical psychologist and my experience as a C-Suite executive in a global IT company amidst its cultural transformation. We hope these conversations trigger heartfelt conversations and that the tools and experiences we pose enrich leader’s practices, give perspective and remind us all that finding balance is a work in progress.

Fui parte en la fundación de Reconvertite y lideré la implementamos los WEPs. En 2021 ganamos el premio “El Talento No Tiene Género” en categoría empresa nacional. Tuvimos resultados destacados en GPTW y seguimos construyendo en equidad con Wortech y Fibras.

Co organicé meetups como el de Soft Skills, fui speaker en el evento GX27 y comparto muchas de las reflexiones que surgen de mi práctica laboral en mi blog, mi podcast “the everything else” o en videos de youtube en el canal “mutuo”.