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Ana María Bisbé York



I am a freelance Consultant and trainer in Business Intelligence. I work as a Data analyst and MS Partner in Power BI.
I have been awarded Microsoft Data Platform Most Valuable Professional for five years.
I have specialized in Microsoft technologies for over 30 years in the software and data processing industry. I have been working on creating relational, multidimensional, and tabular models and creating reports and dashboards with advanced analytics. My work helped my customers and the decision makers because the base of my job is to show the storytelling by data.
I have been training people for over 15 years in Data analysis, modeling, visualization, and processing.
Maintain a technical blog on AMBY.NET (
I am a LinkedIn Learning Trainer. I am the author of the Power BI topics published in Spanish for LinkedIn Learning. I am the author of the book Curso Power BI in Spanish for ANAYA Multimedia.
Nowadays, I am working on new content for LinkedIn Learning and ANAYA.
As a Woman in Technology, I deliver sessions in technical community activities and events.
Speaker at technical events such as Power Platform meetups in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Albacete, Manchester, Dublin, Porto, Ecuador, and many more. SQL Saturdays in Madrid, Porto, Peru, and Chile.
I was a speaker at the Power Platform World Tour in Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Mexico, and Madrid. Speaker at global events such as Dynamic Communities Summit Europe in Dublin and DC Summit America in Orlando, USA. Dynamic Communities awarded me the Emerald award.
Other global events have been: Global Power Platform Bootcamp, Global AI Bootcamp, and Global Azure Bootcamp, Power BI Women Summit, European international events such as SQLBits in the United Kingdom and Data Grillen in Germany, and top-level virtual events such as Power BI Fest, Power BI Summit, Power BI Español Virtual Conference, and Power BI Day editions.
I am a woman and a technologist.
In my current position, I use the prestige and visibility that the recognition achieved in the Microsoft technology environment provides me, inside and outside the Spanish-speaking community, to give visibility to female talent, to show that it is possible to take care of the family and be a technologist, reaching a high level and be happy.
I speak daily with women who face their fears and doubts individually, with personalized messages. They have the fears and doubts that I met 30 or 40 years ago. I encourage them to live the present, enjoy their families, and not stop studying and training.
Since 2001 I have collaborated with several technical communities, which share knowledge and experiences altruistically, and with communities that promote the visibility of female talent in technology.
For the past three years, I have dedicated significant efforts to initiatives that bring women closer to the technological world and encourage them to participate as speakers in technical events.
I have worked with many women to get them to deliver their first session.
I have co-hosted sessions with women doing it for the first time. It is very inspiring and comforting to help a woman at her first opportunity, the one that had previously been denied to her for being a woman.
For two years, I co-leaded the activities of the W4TT initiative (Women for Technical Talks) for the visibility of female talent in technical events. The youtube channel stores more than 120 videos. (
I organized a monthly training, mentoring, and empowering meeting for two years. And we achieve to organize three events with more than 100 women speakers. We start the W4TT initiative with two people. Nowadays we are more than 700.
I support initiatives such as the Comunidad Mujeres TICS Latam (, Latinas in Tech - Madrid ( and Power BI Women ( All they do an outstanding job in women in tech visibility.
I was one of the speakers at Lovelace Tech 2021. ( The speakers talked about their experiences and the necessary visible role of women as technologists.
Since I got the Microsoft MVP award, I've worked with women technologists to help them get into the program. Sometimes it takes us time, and we assume it slowly, constantly, and efficiently. Today I work as a mentor to five new talented, bright young women to be able to nominate them as soon as they are ready for the MVP program. I selected seven women. MVP program awarded them in Spain, LATAM, and the USA. I am sure that with their work and dedication, they will achieve it, and the MVP program will be even better because they will be part of it.
I work on women's visibility as a co-leader in the Power Platform Madrid community. We reach 50% of female speakers in events.
I continue daily, inspiring women in person or at events.
I need just health because I want to continue being natural and close to young women, abused women, single mothers, caregivers, and homemakers. I have lived all the roles and stayed home, wanting to go out. I need health and time to continue helping women. The more we are, the better. The more we are today, the better we will have smooth the way for our daughters and granddaughters.
I am very grateful for my nomination for the Women that Build awards.
You can find me in forums and events, face-to-face and online, as a speaker, organizer, or assistant, and also online on my Twitter account (ambynet), on LinkedIn ( or on my technical blog on AMBY.NET ( that I have maintained for almost 20 years.