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Joti Balani


Tech Entrepreneur

USA and Canada
I'm a builder of the Exponential Age. As Founder and Managing Director of, I lead my team on adventures in transformative AI innovations at Fortune 100 Enterprises and Web3 startups to create emotional, ethical, economical and brand value.As a strategic technology architect, I have led critical AI projects at Citigroup, Lowe’s, Johnson&Johnson, American Red Cross to name a few to help them achieve challenging business outcomes leveraging AI. I use those learnings to mentor and design apprenticeships for my team, college interns and people looking to move into these fields. After a 22 year corporate career in engineering, product development and marketing in the telecommunications industry, I started 3.5 years ago to help architect and build a more equitable, democratized and inclusive world increasingly defined by emerging technologies like AI and Web3 for current and future generations. I'm also the Technology Advisor to Web3 focused startups, Titlechain and, empowering and preparing the next generation of leaders to solve critical, global problems in business and society with creativity, empathy and technology. My mission is to help others discover their superpowers to help build the Exponential Age so we can leave the world in a better place than we found it.
For the past 5 years, I have been mentoring humans across all spectrums of ages, colors, genders, ethnicities and socioeconomic stratas in emerging technologies to solve global problems plaguing our society and economies in the unfolding fourth industrial revolution and the Exponential Age. I have helped many women from all walks of life especially those at low socio- economic societal rungs and those whose jobs are being replaced by AI, to move into Conversational AI roles, a new, very high demand and well paying field. They in turn serve as role models for other women to overcome confidence issues like imposter syndrome, diversity challenges by seeing women who look like them be successful in new roles and have a network of mentors to show them the way.