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Jasmin Shaikh


Tech Entrepreneur

I am grateful for being a woman, I am grateful for the attitude ,self-respect ,imagination power, kindness & courage that I have. I am grateful for the supporting parents that always stood with me while fighting with adverse situations. I am grateful to share my journey; my experience which will help other incredible women to take a first step towards their goal without having the fear of being a first or of failure.
I am Jasmin Shaikh , a disruptive innovator ,Founder & CEO @Axia Foods - Plant based Fermentation & Clean Labeled Food Innovation Technology , a Food Scientist with more than 10years of experience in food research & development , Food & Beverage consultant, Climate activist & fitness enthusiasts.
From Being a trendsetter to creating a new path to achieve my goal , going against the set market & disruptive clean-food tech innovation technology of world's first ever  clean labeled plant based food,to meet consumer desire of having clean labeled plant based holistic nutrition at affordable prices & to combat climate change ,hunger & malnutrition inn a sustainable way.  I am experiencing ,learning & living every single challenge, I am Jasmin K Shaikh,Founder & CEO of AXIA Foods proud of my challenging journey & grateful to share with people so no one can doubt themself for being a first .Professionally  I am a Food Scientist, anInnovator, Lead auditor, Climate activist & fitness enthusiasts .I like to perform allroles like a pro. I have worked more than 10 years In  food research& development.Successfully has launched products for MNC's & startupslike snackible ,epigamia etc.In 2019, I quit my well settled job, 6figure salary & founded a startup which became a revolutionary change in theglobal  food industry.  My breakthrough innovation inthe plant based segment  made  AXIA foods a trendsetter of plant based products  in the world. When the world has already adopted plant based diet, Indianmarket was still trying to understand the concept of  plant based diet,during those adverse market conditions, I took calculated risk & startedmy entrepreneurial  journey with the launch of  world's first ever some of plant basedproducts from butter, cheese & probiotic yoghurts categories. Many start-upsgot inspired by my innovation  & entered in the plant based segment. Due to my clean-food tech innovation ,Axia has successfully resolved the consumers' concern around the nutrition of plant based products.My novelFermentation based clean labelled Food Innovation technology  significantly elevates the nutritional value of plant based rawmaterial with an increase in bioavailability of nutrients sustainably. Axia foods are 10times more nutritious & 1/3rd of the price than the products available globally. With my Novel cleantech food innovation, Axia is seizing the opportunity Of a plant-based food revolution, driven by consumer concerns around health, sustainability and animal welfare that will have a significant impact on our plates, palate and planet in the years to come & contribute to achieving a decarbonized economy. Axia isdoing food production using 80% less energy, 90% less water and 99% less land. Axia's products are able to provide almost 45-70% of overall nutrition as per RDA at the cost of regular meals. Axia has created a positive impact on the social ,economical & environmental sector. With Axia per person per day can increase water food security by saving 11 gallons of water & 20 kgs of grain, can reduce the deforestation by saving 30 sq ft forest, decreasing 4.5kg of green house& co2 gas emission.With my unique product portfolio Axia foods is a part of global plant based food market which will reach USD 300 Billion.Though I am trendsetter & a pioneers of plant based products in India ,till date I am facing challenges, discrimination & demotivation.I have proved many people wrong ,who was saying that "a women from research background cannot do buisness". As I always says  “I use all negativity to fuel up myself,you should change the positions of two negative signs & make it to be positive. Just  6 monthsof a launch of products ,Axia foods was hit by a pandemic. I didn't stopmy work & utilised that time for new product development ,creating awareness about the importance of a plant based diet for betterment ofhealth of people,animals & the planet. While coping up with the pandemic situation ,with strong  determination ,Axia foodshas launched the world's first ever High protein almond cheese protein bar,cultured almond butter & probiotic yoghurts . I have grabbed the opportunity to work with NASA'S Deep Space Food Challenge-I. I have developed &shared a plant based food production technology to NASA’s DSFC-1 ,& continuously working on space food . Axia Means value & it is valuable for the health of humans, animals & planet. Axia is all about Team work . Our startup family is a blend of versatile professionals , thinkers & I am working as a glue so we can grow together while creating a healthy food ecosystem.   Axia'sinnovation & efforts have been appreciated & awarded worldwide. We areawarded as " Top most food brands of India 2021” by world leadershipcongress & ET-Now . “Innovative start-up of 2021 " among Top 100startups by MSINS Maharashtra Gov. "Top 10 Food beverage startup of 2021of APAC region ",Rising star & disrupter of the year 2021 by VWS-Impossible foods. We have worked with NASA's Space food challenge. I am workingwith CIC race to zero,Thought for food org. MSINS. Axia Foods is working withNGOs ,Gov.for creating specialty foods to fight against hunger, millions of undernourished and malnourished kids at affordable prices. We are working on development of war foods, flood relief foods etc.I am grateful for the adverse conditions, challenges & to my innovation which made me a disruptive innovator with a cause that inspiring many women's & students to think like box free imagination & innovation.