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Martyna Adam

Martyna Adam


Rising Star

United Kingdom
After achieving the BSc in Psychology and the MSc Research Methods in Psychology at the University of Liverpool, I managed to gain a place on Grayce's Data+ graduate development programme. I gained a wealth of experience throughout my time at university, but after completing my MSc, I was stuck in which direction to go in. I decided to take a leap of faith and switch careers, upskill in technical skills, and begin a journey in the ever-changing world of data and technology.

The core of my day-to-day responsibilities is centred around my client, a multinational company and leader in transportation and logistics. Outside of client work, I invest time to giving back to the Grayce and wider community, mainly through my work as the Communications and Strategy Lead for the Digital Community of Practice (DCP). I’m also a mentor for two mentoring schemes, and I take all opportunities to become visible in the digital space, striving to act as a role model for women and girls. Female role models are important to allow other females to view and recognise themselves as being equally capable of achieving success in this rapidly growing field. Now it is more important than ever to provide opportunities for women to share their stories, expanding our view of what a successful woman looks like and shifting the narrative to showcase the variety in what it means to be successful.
A lack of visibility and exposure to female role models perpetuates the idea that this career is not suitable for us - which couldn't be more untrue. I strongly believe that with the right support and opportunities, women can succeed in technical roles. To help close the skills gap and empower more women to take the same leap of faith that I did, my focus is on mentorship, training, and knowledge exchange. During the last year, I have:

• Organised a week-long Digital Festival for the Grayce community, featuring external women affiliated with Women in Data, and live coding demonstrations, all with the aim of sparking curiosity and upskilling the community in the digital space.
• Mentored a woman on the Grayce Women in Tech scholarship, which offers fully funded places on Code Nation's 12-week Master:Coding bootcamp
• Been part of the Code First Girls community, where I am currently taking part in the Introduction to Data and SQL 8-week evening class.
• Shared my new knowledge of SQL with the community through Medium blog writing, with features in the Learning SQL Medium Publication.
• Featured as a Data+ Analyst Case Study on the Prospects site, aiming to inspire women to take up roles in the data and digital space.
• Part of multiple panel sessions, including Code Nation, University of Liverpool Psychology Careers, and upcoming Birmingham City University, to talk about my career journey
• Taken part in a video interview to help spread awareness of my role as a Data Analyst and the challenges faced by women in the field

My overarching aim is to continue to break down stereotypes of what someone who works in data and technology looks like and to minimise the damaging thought bias that women should be radiating warmth and a sense of community at work, rather than displaying the masculine traits associated with career prioritisation and pursual of leadership.