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Janeth Bonilla


Rising Star

Peru and Ecuador
KISTH, RunaSpace
Ashambuela is an indigenous village in Ecuador`s Andes mountains where I come from. I am Janeth Bonilla, an Agricultural Engineer graduated from the Universidad Tecnica del Norte, Ecuador, as an indigenous woman and graduated from a technical career, it allowed me to show the discrimination we suffer as women when getting a job, and I had to overcome many obstacles until I got my job. first job and above all that farmers trust my ability as an engineer to advise large areas of crops.
Science and women are my passion and inspiration, which led me to work within the EmpoEducate Foundation, as a single teacher in STEM areas, teaching areas of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology to 60 children and young people between the ages of 5 to 16 years old, proving that even math is fun.
In my desire for us to be more indigenous scientists in Ecuador, he led me to be Co-Founder of the Kichwa Institute of Science of Technology (KISTH). Network of professionals from different peoples and nationalities of Ecuador who solve problems in rural communities, of which I am currently Vice President.
I collaborated within the WarmiSTEM initiative, as project manager, which has as an organization
that encourages indigenous women to pursue STEM careers and put scientific knowledge at the service of the community.
I am also a member of RunaSpace, a group of indigenous STEM graduates where they worked on space exploration. We participated in NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge, where we proposed a smart hydroponic microgreens cultivation system as a source of micronutrients in space food. In addition, we are working on the portable telescope project, where we will visit indigenous villages to inspire children and
young people to set challenging goals, such as becoming an astronaut.
In addition, I belong to the Future Leaders program of Banco Pichincha, working within the AgroBirds cell, I will discover technological tools for the country's agricultural sector and empower women who work in agriculture.
This year I became worthy of the Digital Inclusion scholarship awarded to me by Telefonica Movistar and 42 Madrid, to be a delegate at the One Youny World summit. In which I participated as a speaker on the main stage of One Young World, representing Ecuador, making known the importance of making indigenous scientists visible and the great things we are doing in the field of science and technology. I am currently an Ambassador for OYW 2022.
Lastly, I obtained the Pablo VI Foundation Leadership Scholarship to participate in 22 days of comprehensive training in leadership skills, politics, ethics, and social service.
I continue with the firm belief that indigenous women can lead and carry out scientific projects, and that together we will do incredible things.