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Danila Blanco Travnicek


Rising Star

Education is my passion. I strongly believe we, women, have the power to change our communities and inspire others to embrace our social responsibility and become global and active citizens in order to live in a peaceful world. I cofunded and lead EduStorm, an education nonprofit, and work as a Professor and educator in multiple learning spaces. What is more, I am the Director of Program Strategy and Evaluation at Open Avenues, a US-based immigration and education nonprofit. Previously, I have worked as a Project Manager and Consultant for different local and international organizations. Having studied Business at the University of Buenos Aires, I have specialized in education and the nonprofit sector. Due to my performance in various fields, I have been chosen for different scholarships to study and work abroad, such as YFU scholar (Finland 2012), Friends of Fulbright (US 2016) and Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (US 2022).
I advocate for women's empowerment through soft skill development to help them recognize their value and live to their full potential. I have been myself a person who changed due to other inspiring women. Therefore, along with the different teams I lead, we create safe spaces for women and other populations to explore their abilities, get inspired by others and expand their visions of themselves. The learning experiences we develop are carefully design following the latest metgodologies about innovation in education. For instance, we work a lot with project-based learning, gamification, visible thinking, role plays and simulations. In this way, participants can experience learning by doing. We strongly believe that education is the key to building peaceful, empowered and tolerant-to-diversity societies where women and all underrepresented people can access the same opportunities.