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Digital Leader

USA and Canada
As one of the leaders of Globant’s Business Hacking Studio, Nelly’s main objective is hacking her client's problems in the most efficient and creative ways, or as she would say it: “ Hack the gap between Business and Technology”. She has worked directly with clients from a variety of industries such as financial services, consumer product goods (CPG), transportation, healthcare, among others. Since she took this position, the Business Hacking team has tripled in less than a year, has created scaleable and impactful strategic offerings, and she has helped her clients to materialize their ideas and strategies into implementable and tangible work.

Prior to joining Globant in March 2020, Nelly was the Strategy lead of the Digital Pumpkin, Mindtree's Innovation Studio, worked for IBM iX (Interactive Experience) with a special focus on Digital Strategy in the Financial Sector, led marketing at the first startup that focused on compliance for digital currencies, including Bitcoin, and also open the first NY office of a Mobile Payments startup called KuaPay.

Nelly is a Design Thinking Lead & Coach, did her Masters in NYU in Integrated Marketing (Digital & Brand), and has a Business Administration title from Los Andes University, Colombia. She has spoken and facilitated sessions at Emerge Americas, various GDS Summits (Retail and Innovation), and TechDay NYC. She was most recently awarded the 2022 HITEC100 “Top 100 Most Influential Hispanics in the Technology Industry.”

In the hunt for ways to embed diversity in her work and life, Nelly is passionate about travel and has visited over 47 countries around the world. She is also an avid dancer and she gets way too excited when she gets to dance and teach salsa dancing.
Nelly is passionate about inclusion and true diversity in the workforce, not only because it is fair, but because she understands that true diversity builds more effective and innovative teams.

Outside of her work with Globant, IBM and other leading technology companies, Nelly loves to teach and mentor entrepreneurs and students trying to enter technology or similar fields, including members of the Latin and Hispanic community. Nelly serves as a mentor at NUMA, an accelerator based out of New York City focused on supporting international startups in their quest to come to the U.S. and grow their business. Since 2019, Nelly has also taught at the Global Connections for Women Foundation, which focuses on increasing access to quality education for female entrepreneurs worldwide, on topics including design thinking, company branding and more.

In her free time, Nelly makes a point of helping at least one student a month with their resume, applications and skill-building to make tangible steps towards achieving the career of their dreams. She is frequently contacted by young people in Latin America who are interested in technology and are seeking advice on how to enter the technology industry in the U.S., both as entrepreneurs and as part of the workforce. Nelly continuously seeks out opportunities in her community of Miami – an increasingly diverse and technical, innovation-focused hub – to attend networking opportunities focused on accelerating the career development of young women in technology and inspiring them to pursue new heights. For example, Nelly spoke on a very rare all-women panel with Meta, Gemini, WEB3 Equity at eMerge Americas in Miami in April 2022 about the emerging role of NFTs, the metaverse, cryptocurrency and blockchain in business. After her participation on this panel, a wave of young women went to the Globant booth to ask about career opportunities in the tech industry. Whether through direct, one-on-one mentorship or mentoring an audience, Nelly aims to change the conversation around women in technology to one of ultimate empowerment.