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Abby Seneor leaf
Tech Entrepreneur


United Kingdom
Optimi Health
I grew up in an unprivileged community, abandoned as a kid, but I never accepted that and fought my way through numerous hurdles to get a proper education. I got a scholarship as a gifted kid so graduated with a degree in computer science at the age of 17. Started my career at Intel as a firmware engineer while completing my law degree.
At age of 20 I survived a car accident, but got a knee replacement which put me in a wheelchair with no hope to ever walk again independently. Against the odds I've completed 3 Ironman races, ranked second in Olympic Tri for my age group and my goal is the world championship. My next career move was Innovation Lead at Microsoft, working on Augmented Reality and computer vision. Then I followed another dream and founded my first startup, booking platform for entertainment which I exited 2 years ago to follow my real passion, AI in healthcare.I have been working on research in few medical fields like skin cancer and diabetes, and filed two provisional patents in Object Detection. About 18 months ago I joined Optimi Health, a world-class sport and exercise medicine platform, which is my way of realising my dream. I am now using my skills and knowledge of cutting edge technologies to help people transform their physical health. For me Optimi is way more than a startup, it’s my way to give back to the world, and make it a better place by improving lives.

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