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NGO Social Youth Resource
My name is Kamala Khankishiyeva and I am from Azerbaijan. I have a degree in Public Relations from the International Open Academy, Ireland, Dublin as well as a degree in Linguistics from the Azerbaijan University of Foreign Languages. I did an ESL Foreign International Practice and Certificate in Georgia Atlanta and New York Academic training schools. To have a practical experience, I underwent an English teaching practice journey in Changchun, Beijing government schools. For many years, I participated in different events and workshops as well as worked for many organisations where I developed useful skills. In 2015, between May and June, during the Baku European Games, I worked as a Work Desk Assistant in Azerbaijan GYD International Airport. I was responsible for welcoming all guests to Azerbaijan. I also managed the city and regions tours in Azerbaijan. Besides, I have worked as a Social Media journalist, conducted local interviews and published articles in newspapers. I have participated and helped in organising and executing many social and charitable events, summits and conferences.