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United States
My name is Jeeva Senthilnathan, and I am currently a sophomore college student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado School Of Mines. I founded a startup called Privando that is a youth-led and an all-female company who have created innovative technology from emergency-blue light boxes (from university campuses) into wearable gadgets. We are in the process of creating a private network globally to help solve international issues by geographic location, and work alongside government.

In conjunction with my love for technology, I am very much passionate about law. I believe in writing ethical policies that help set the foundation in implementing great technologies in the world. I ran for city council at age 18 and 19 within my local town of Parker, and wish to one day become a Representative in the U.S Congressional House.

I am a true believer in empowering my youth peers to utilize their voice, lived experiences, and their truth to create and promote the change they wish to see in their communities and beyond. I’m passionate about exploring how we might collectively organize and impact systems in order to influence/disrupt what isn’t working to replace with a localized/authentic and youth community-driven action because we should have systems that support centering those impacted most by policy or lack of policy change. To support a society where freedom and farewell are key to encouraging the change we wish to see, and everyone’s unique vantage point is respected as a lever for change.