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Pavithra Nagaraj

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Brand to Land
Pavithra Nagaraj is the Co-Founder of an early-stage AI powered Edtech Startup "Brand to Land" and early-stage Community based Startup "They Call Me A Researcher".

"Brand to Land" is a first of its kind all women led edtech startup (born from the pandemic) which is building an AI language model to help Gen-Z students to become industry ready and self-learn industry relevant skills at affordable prices while they are still in college. "They Call Me A Researcher" is a Community for Researchers (and PhD Students).

During the pandemic, Pavithra Nagaraj launched various learning series and initiatives through which 4500+ Engineering students (undergraduates, graduates and PhD Students) and Early Stage Professionals from 21 different countries were benefitted.

Pavithra Nagaraj holds a Master's degree in Digital Communcation Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She received many academic excellence awards for her distinguishable academic performance. She has over half a decade of Research and Consulting experience in the field of Wireless Communication. She has worked with more than 50 telecom companies, startups and research organizations from 15+ countries as a R&D Consultant and devised feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems in Digital Communication Engineering domain. Her knowledge on 5G Networks is commendable, for the same reason she is considered as a 5G thought leader.
Acerca de la industria y mi carrera
Currently Pavithra and her team are working on building an ethical, responsible, transparent and most importantly a sustainable AI language model that helps Gen-Z students to self-learn any skill on their own with minimal guidance. They are building a cool AI model which makes students fall in love with self-learning.

Every year, more than 1.5 million Engineering students graduate out of universities located in India. And of these, approximately more than 60% of graduates either remain unemployed or get underpaid (less than 3.5 lakh INR (4800 US dollars) per annum).

The education sector is not evolving at the same pace as the industry. Most of the institutions have outdated syllabus, and due to lack of resources, funds and limited number of skilled faculty they are not able to provide up-to-date education and teach advanced skills to students that would get them suitable jobs related to their course of study.

As a result, students who choose engineering course with high hopes and dreams of working in reputed firms, swanky offices and living a luxurious life are now concerned about finding a ‘decent’ job as they get into their final year of studies. They give up their dream of working in some particular sector, company or role as per their interest, and they just grab any job that comes in their way. All because they don’t have the exposure and right skill-set to enter the industry on a success note.

There are lots of right opportunities with high wages across various industries. The problem of unemployment is not due to unavailability of jobs but the mismatch of skills. The expectations of the companies and the skills that the fresh graduates bring when they step out of college, just do not match.

Students are not aware of the most in-demand hard and soft skills, they are not aware of the industry trends, they are not aware of how to showcase their ability to potential recruiters, they are not aware of how to apply the theoretical concepts learnt in real world and the list goes on. In addition to all these things, the students from lower tier cities/institutions are not getting the same opportunities as those from tier 1 cities/institutions, even if they are equally qualified and skilled.

"We believe that there is a need for Generation-Z students who are currently pursuing their under graduate/post graduate studies to get proactive, understand the industry trends and requirements, self-learn industry relevant skills, establish and build their personal brand value beyond the institution tag, and start networking with industry professionals to showcase their knowledge in their respective areas of interest to bag their dream jobs or even get started as Entrepreneurs."

We at "Brand to Land" are trying to solve all these problems by building an AI language model that helps students to self-learn any skill of their interest which helps them to land in their dream job. instead of settling it any irrelevant opportunity which comes in their way.
Acerca de los valores de una Women that Build
I strongly believe that a Women that Build must be confident and determined. She must believe in her own ideas like no one else does it. Building a successful career in STEM or becoming a successful entrepreneur is like climbing Mount Everest. Building it as a Woman sometimes feels like climbing Mount Everest without any gear, equipment or oxygen. If she is a first gen entrepreneur or graduate, the journey becomes much harder. So, every woman who decides to build her career in STEAM or build a company must be determined. She should never give up on her dreams, no matter what happens. She must climb the mountain and hoist the flag. She must constantly remind herself that "Her dreams are big, difficult to achieve, but not impossible".

In addition, women who build must learn the art of storytelling and networking. If she is not ready to tell her own story, no one will do it for her. So, every woman must take pride in their work and talk about it in a room full of people without any fear or hesitation.
Acerca de mi futuro
In the next 5 years, we aim to impact atleast 10 Million student lives by helping them self-learn any skill through our AI model, without any boundaries.

Out of 4500+ students who are benefitted by our initiatives so far, over 50% of our students are young women. In the upcoming years, we will encourage and inspire more women (especially from developing and underdeveloped countries) to learn core skills and eventually build their careers in core technical and unconventional fields which are currently dominated by men, through our initiatives.