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Dolores Laboureau

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Citizens of Tomorrow
My work and my career have been mostly developing ideas in the art and music world using the most common programs from Adobe but last year it was a game changer when I found an AI image generator when it was completely unknown yet in my country and still not much discussed in the rest of the world. It was mostly people who feared the program at this point but I used it to make references and images that matched the language of my work but because of budget or lack of resources was unable to perform outside of AI. People went crazy with the images I created so I started teaching them about the programs and the pro's and cons of this new technology. That's how I've become an influence in my country of AI and one of my goals is to officially introduce it in the art world.
Acerca de la industria y mi carrera
The STEAM path is important to me because it allows me to express my creativity and connect with others in a meaningful way. Through my work, I am able to share my perspective and create something that can inspire, educate, or entertain others. Additionally, the arts have the power to bring people together and promote empathy, understanding, and social change. For me, being a part of this industry is not just a career, but a way to make a positive impact on the world.
Acerca de los valores de una Women that Build
As a woman in the entertainment industry, I have faced many challenges and frustrations. However, these experiences have only fueled my determination to clear the path for future generations to come. It's important to me that we create a more inclusive and equitable industry, while also staying true to our vision and values. Through it all, I have learned the importance of listening and being forgiving, both to myself and others, in order to keep moving forward.
Acerca de mi futuro
I don’t know where I’m going to be in 5 years from now but I know I’m going to keep studying and improving my work so that I can reach out jobs that haven’t been explored by other women yet.

I want to be that person clearing the path with the machete for those women who come behind me.