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Hauwa Yakubu

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United Kingdom
Kugali Limited
I am an Award-winning Product Mentor and Digital Media Leader with almost a decade of experience across the EMEA.

I am also a speaker, mentor, writer, 30 under 30 judge and industry leader recognized as a UK TOP 100 African Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs 2022. I coach young girls and nonbinary humans new to Tech through platforms like CherryOnTech, WomenTech UK, ADPlist, and MicroMentors.

A black woman in tech with a successful track record in delivering value to customers across industries including Augmented Reality, FinTech, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AdTech and EdTech. I have led different product delivery teams with successful products including a fintech disruptor product with $50M transaction volume and 5M+ active accounts.
Cómo promuevo diversidad e inclusión en mi trabajo
In promoting diversity and inclusion through tech, I have proudly led projects with Kugali, co-creators of Disney's 'Iwaju' using 3D animation to tell afrofuturistic tales of Africa; as well as leading Snapchat’s best PR campaign of 2022, as listed in, projecting British black athletes at Wembley stadium through AR lens. I led an LGBTQ+ Kickstarter digital campaign that generated 56,000+ pounds to raise awareness for the community.

I also Volunteer with non-profits like Cherry on Tech and Fareshare - the latter, a UK non-profit to help tackle the food crisis in the UK feeding 100,000 people, a project involving the prime minister Rishi Sunak and the former, a Canadian Tech Cohort all female and non binary team where for 13-weeks I volunteered as a Product Mentor.
Acerca de mi como líder
I volunteer actively, paying forward and paving a way for future generations by training and mentoring young girls and non binary humans new to tech and marketing media with organizations like WomenTech UK, Cherry on Tech, ADPlist, and MicroMentor, decentralising access to mentorship for female founders and entrepreneurs globally, especially those like myself from disadvantaged countries in Africa, Asia, and most recently, Ukraine.