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Adriana Navarro Suárez

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Morrow Batteries
I'm originally from Colombia where I did my B.Sc. in Chemistry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Started working on energy storage devices (e.g. batteries and supercaps) during my master in 2011. Have worked on developing electrodes and electrolytes for supercapacitors and batteries during my master, PhD, postdoc and fellowship. My research path has taken me to National Institute of Chemistry (Slovenia), CIC energiGUNE (Spain), Drexel University (USA), Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), and Imperial College London (UK). Since November 2021, I'm the R&D manager at Morrow Batteries (Norway) leading the development of electrolytes and screening of separators for all our chemistries.
Cómo promuevo diversidad e inclusión en mi trabajo
Promote and support women and minorities as well as their work within the R&D team at Morrow.
Wrote an article on how to attract more women towards the energy storage field. Currently writing a follow up.
Participated in scientific conferences promoting gender equity and inclusivity in the energy storage field.
My team is gender and nationality balanced (3 women, 3 men, 4 nationalities).
For two years (2021-2023), I was the leader of Internationalization of OWSD-Colombia. OWSD (The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World) is the first international forum to unite eminent women scientists from the developing and developed worlds with the objective of strengthening their role in the development process and promoting their representation in scientific and technological leadership. During these two years, I lead the creation of podcasts, talks, and mentorships aiming at strenghtening the role of women in the scientific field as well as motivating the new generations to join it.
I have mentored several women in STEM through the hardships of being a minority and have encouraged them to follow their passion.
Acerca de mi como líder
I am originally from Colombia but have established myself in Europe through a series of scholarships and fellowships. I am a recognized researcher in the energy storage field and people have approached me through the years with scientific questions but also with doubts about how to survive in this competitive field while dealing with discrimination, bullying, and harassment.
I was the first leader of Internationalization of the Colombian Chapter of OWSD. I've inspired the people in my committee to start new projects and have supported them through the process.
I'm an R&D manager at one of the largest battery research centers in Scandinavia and in the future one of the largest battery gigafactories in Europe. My group is gender and background balanced and we have a collaborative environment where we support each other.