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Jaloree Lantigua


Tech Entrepreneur

USA and Canada
STREAM Technologies LLC
I'm a passionate Ed Tech entrepreneur ready to change the game in STREAM education by making it accessible for typical, gifted, and special need students. On courses related to robotics, game development & virtual reality. Supporting students in the development of projects with simulation and multisensory exploration to increase gamification in order to build a competitive workforce. As resilient entrepreneurs and game changers with no limitations.

From a very young age, I knew that one size does not fit all in education. I'm a licensed speech and language therapist, certified in assistive technology, game developer and educational robotics specialist. Early in my career, I witnessed the limitation of inclusion opportunities for students with special needs and gifted within the departments of science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts, and math (STREAM). The reason that inspired me to become a CEO and create a startup to impact my community with innovation. And it means the world to me, to socially impact with opportunities that can build more leaders for the future!

Featured Awards, Events & Accelerator Programs:

-Pre18 Accelerator Program (2022)
-Award Latina Entrepreneur Woman in Puerto Rico (2022) Global Accreditation (2021)
-International "Embedded Technology USA" Speaker (2022)
-Representation Matters "Women Who Game" Speaker (2022)
Women in technology, have an endless amount of challenges. Related but not limited to low income, color, ethic, cultural, access to capital and economic disadvantages. But there is good strength in connecting with a network of passionate, striven women and girls. Fearless, inspired and resilient to pursue careers in STEM/ STREAM.

Partnership has power, to support the change the status quo for a better opportunity to scale growth in entrepreneurship, education, and innovation. I'm eager to continue supporting inclusion, a fundamental part of new opportunities for everyone.