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Maria Eugenia Villamagna


Rising Star

Los Robles School - El Buen Ayre School
I have a Degree in Educational Psychology, Graduate's degree in Learning Disorder form Hospital Italiano and Graduate's degree in Special Needs Education for Growth Disorder form Flacso Argentina.

I have entered the educational technology world with an ambition for digital equality for all students. I started working with ALPI (Fight Against Polio Association) doing software research and analysis to help people with motor impairment. Then I have joined Proyecto DANE (Special Needs Application Development Project) as Content Leader providing thought leadership and designing mobile learning applications with focus on providing personal habilites, inclusion in the society and independent life for people with disabilities. I have been involved in the design and development of +16 free mobile applications with more than 150,000 downloads.

I am leading the inclusion process of Los Robles School and El Buen Ayre School, coordinating special needs teachers, designing educational support material, and supporting the families.

I am committed to changing the environment of people with disabilities through technology providing enhanced opportunities for their development.
Through the development of free applications for people with disabilities, I help others to do something positive with their lives.
Using these resources, people with disabilities have equal opportunities , increase their self esteem and are included in society