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Alaia Repáraz


Rising Star

Bluecap a Globant Division
I majored in Physics from the University of Barcelona, a field of logic and prediction, as much as practical application, thus I am good at problem solving with an essential analytical vision that I apply for my day-to-day work. Later, I studied an MSc in International Management from ESADE, which allowed me to work in multidisciplinary and international teams, learning to dialogue by listening and understanding people, specially focusing on how to motivate them.

After my studies, I started working in Bluecap, a consulting firm specialized in advising the Financial Services. Banks must undercome a huge transformation to be able to compete with new Fintech, therefore, we are helping them to develop their digital capacities while remaining competitive and compliant.
Having worked in this industry for more than 7 years, I have learnt the power of a successful company is the people. I am highly interested in the role of women in the professional field, I am closely linked to all initiatives of this nature, being the promoter of the "Women in Consulting program” at Bluecap, in which we work to promote the development of women in the consulting world. Also, participated with Integra Foundation by giving some courses to people at risk of social exclusion, a highly rewading experince.