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Jessica Mercedes leaf
Inspiring Executive


Dominican Republic
Code inspector
Co-founder and COO at Code inspector, a real-time feedback tool that helps developers write better code, faster. Winners of the 1st place of the Latinas in Tech Startup competition, backed by Techstars, Draper Cygnus, and MGV capital. Director of a non-profit that empowers people in developing countries through code, and Holberton Colombia, impacting more than 200 Kids and 5,000 adults. Startup mentor, helping more than 300 companies with growth, recruiting, and investment. Also, an avid speaker advocating for women in tech and entrepreneurship.

Actualmente soy mentora del programa Telluride Venture ayudando a mujeres latinas inmigrantes en Estados unidos a emprender. Estamos en conversaciones para expandir los curso de programación para mujeres adolescentes a más paises en desarrollo (Como Republica Dominicana), Mientras era periodista de emprendimiento me enfoqué en sobresaltar la historia de mujeres emprendedoras (ej.: y Soy Speaker de emprendimiento en Prosperanza (RD)